Late Shri Dr. R.M. Sojatia Biography


Late Shri (Dr.) R.M. Sojatia

Late Dr. Rawat Mal Ji Sojatia was born on 4th January in "Bhanpura" city; his Family was settled to Bhanpura before 200 years (approximate). Which belongs to "Sojat Rajasthan".

He studied at King Adward medical School in Indore, he got degree of medical science through hard work and he was very favorable student of Dr. S. K. Mukharji who was pioneer of medical science. After L.C.P & C. Degree He was in charge of Surgical Ward of Tokoji Rao Hospital Indore from 1942 to 1951.

After resignation to the Government job Late Dr. Rawat Mal Ji Sojatia started working from his home city Bhanpura in Medical Science & Social activities and got Honorable Status & Reputation in Social & Political life in very short duration.

Late Dr. Rawat mal Ji Sojatia always took interest in Development of Bhanpura & Education with his Impressive Personality and Nationalist and positive thinking. He provide High Education to his Children and always guide other persons the "There is no development without Education", as per his felling today sojatia family is working in Education Field, Bhanpura Public School & College of Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmacy, College of Education and then Ayurved College is result of this thoughts.

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