About us

The Late Shri Dr. R.M.S. Institute of Science & Technology College of Pharmacy, Bhanpura was established in 2001 and represents a remarkable opportunity pharmacy education and research from last 15th years to develop these key partnerships and synergies of excellence which will shape the future of our country.

We can have great visions and big plans, but nothing can come to fruition without people making it happens, people who are motivated enthused and committed to learning, I am sure that our commitment to innovation and excellence in teaching and research will be beneficial for you to take your career to sky rising heights.

Life in our campus is fully vibrant and full of synergy. Students actively participate in various conferences, seminar, workshop and competitions where branch making is being done with other premiere institutions of the country. Life at campus of RMS Sojatia Foundation prepares there students well on many crucial issues that is how to manage time socialize network at the same time campus life activities are build around the concepts of encouraging each community member to nurtures his or her talent and same time to respect all members of our society. At our campus we provide our students plenty of opportunities to take parts in decisions making process as we have student’s council govern by the rules and regulation of the universities.   

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